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One of “THOSE” days……….

on January 25, 2012

Yes, it was one of “THOSE” mornings at my house.  I started behind from the moment I rolled out of bed.  I was greeted with a bad hair day and a planned outfit whose components mysteriously disappeared.  Then it grew…. kitchen accidents that required a new outfit after the first one had finally been put together; my “star” of the week at school didn’t have his special love letter or story from his parents. And GREW…..hap-hazardly written at the last moment love letter to star; kids dropped off tardy at school, rain on my flat ironed hair turning it to a frizzy, half-curly, even worse bad hair day; crazy quantities of traffic; late to morning meetings at work. ( To keep my blood-pressure down as I type I’m leaving many items off the list)  Yes, this morning I was feeling 100% “The Inadequate Mother” and swiftly on my way to “Crazy Rage-Filled Mother”.  It was one of those mornings when you put on the most mellow radio station you can find and pray for songs that will fill you with Grace and peace and love…. only to realize that still won’t put you in a better place and keep you from wanting to turn your mini-van into a primal scream therapy room.

So, in my desperation to calm down and put myself in a better place before talking to clients, I checked out Facebook.  A friend has posted a blog entry about the “Sneaky Hate Spiral”.  Oh my goodness!  I laughed so hard I cried.  It totally summed up this morning and many others.  Thankfully the “Sneaky Hate Spiral” has completely knocked me out of mine.  I share this hilarious blog with you just in case you too are having one of “THOSE” mornings.  Enjoy:


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