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Broccoli-Quinoa Stovetop Bake

on January 18, 2012

Went to make a broccoli-quinoa casserole today that I’d seen on Pinterest (,  in the interest of time and avoidance of mayo (shudder)- I invented something new and quite tasty.

Cook in rice cooker on white rice setting: (you can do this on the stove top if you don’t have a rice cooker)

2 c quinoa

4 c water

4 vegetable bullion cubes (chicken would work too)

Other ingredients:

3-4 stalks of broccoli, cut into small bite size and smaller pieces (I used the tops and stalks)

6-8 mushrooms sliced

2tbs minced garlic

1/4-1/2c shredded parm

1/4-1/2c sour cream

In a large pan saute the broccoli, garlic and mushrooms in a little butter or olive oil and .  Once they start to soften, add the cooked quinoa to the pan.  Add sour cream and mix into other ingredients.  Add most of the parmesean.  I have to admit I wasn’t measuring so I’m guesstimating what I used.  You should get a kind of thick casserole like consistency.  Sprinkle a little extra parmesan on top and cover pan.  Let it sit on low heat so the parmesan melts and the mixture has a baked consistency 5-15 min.

Serve and enjoy!  This was a handy way to work extra veggies into the dinner.  The kids loved it.


3 responses to “Broccoli-Quinoa Stovetop Bake

  1. debt free
    I think I’ve seen this somewhere before. Did you source this from somewhere else?

  2. […] This recipe was created by one of our facebook fans whose blog is inadequatemother […]

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