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on March 13, 2010

Yes, it’s Saturday.  I used to love Saturdays but now it ranks somewhere near 7th in my list of days. 

To my kids Saturday should be fun and action packed.  Ideally to me it would be as well.  However the reality is that Saturday is that day that I try to pack all the things I couldn’t get done during the week into.  My husband works Saturdays and then has Sundays off.  As a result I feel like I should get all household chores and errands done on Saturday so that Sunday can be more of a fun family day.  Due to my status as the Inadequate Mother, I usually fall short of this goal.

Saturday is the day I try and sleep in a bit, to be greeted by a house that looks like it was ransacked.   It seriously looks like someone came in, wearing very dirty boots and upended the place.  The kids, while I make them help, are less than perfect in the cleaning department and often greet Saturday chores with a huge amount of disdain.  My middle child is vocal with her disdain.  Whines, cries, picks fights with her brothers.  It’s lovely.  My eldest child just moves as though his veins are filled with molasses.  Sometimes I actually look for the slug trail behind him.  It’s downright painful to watch.  The youngest loves to pick up but he’s two.  So as quickly as he picks it up, he pulls two more things back out.  Painful to watch as well.  But I digress.  Perhaps a to-do list would get me going.

1. Finish cleaning the kitchen.  Right now it’s “husband clean”, I’d like it “visitor clean”.

2. Bathrooms, glove up, chemical up and try to scrub the “rest stop” look out of them.

3. De-clutter and dust.  Sounds simple enough but you haven’t seen this place.

4. Floors.  Hard floors and carpet both need attention.  I did a sweep last night to prep for this but you’d never know it.

5. The Wreck-Room.  No, I know most people spell it Rec Room.  Rec just doesn’t do it justice though.

6. Find decor for my Mother’s 60th Birthday Party.

7. Help my sister find wedding accessories and decor.

8. Clean myself up.

9. Figure out dinner and get it going.  Tonight is a rare event… I’m actually going out with my husband.  Pretty cool, yet it shortens the work day.

10. Work on taxes of three people.  Need to do mine too but that’s a whole other story.

11.  Laundry…. there is always laundry.

12.  The yard.  To be fair, this is always on the list.  It’s a huge project that we’re trying to do in baby steps.  I am truly Inadequate in this department.  I dream of the day it starts looking beautiful and not like we’re the white trash family on the block. 

13.  Monitor the homework progress of my oldest.  He was sick for a week and the trimester ends this week.  As a result he has an unreal amount of homework on top of a normal week of unreal quantities of homework.  He is an amazing and intelligent child, however he is easily distracted and time management is not something he has mastered.

14.  Plan a couple of fun tasks for the kiddos so they don’t revolt.  If the sun doesn’t get drown out I’m sure there will be multiple requests to go to the park too.

Hmmm… that doesn’t look so bad…  It’s only 9:40 now, I’m sure I can tackle all this by 5.


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